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Musings from a deranged mind – aka. Canada didn’t accuse nobody!

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OK, here’s an interesting one. I was going through my e-mail archives, and stumbled upon an email I once got from a bulgarian woman. She seemed perfectly normal to begin with, and we spoke on and off for a few years, until finally this sort of thing started going on. She sent me a copy of this letter she had sent to NATO .. there is no need for further introduction, it speaks for itself. In my defense, I contacted the local health service in Quebec (where she presumably lives, or at least where her voices told me she lives) long before posting this, but they didn’t seem particularly interested in doing anything at all.


301-5081 Berri St.
Montreal QC H2J 3Z7

22 April 2007

Dear Sir or Madam,

Subject: Inhuman Bulgarian & mafia Micro-wave/Radio terror in Canada (at each 5 seconds 4 years already)- Canada didn’t accuse nobody

I would like to ask for immediate consideration of a cruel inhuman radio/tv/microwave terror to my own person by Bulgarian mafia – Bulgarian models, their mafia friends, the medical academy of Sofia, Bulgaria (my country of origin), politics and journalists even, with an inhuman tap-and-play criminal offence to MY privacy and inhuman racketeering to myself with no prove whatsoever (or at least no feedback and constant insolent humiliating frequency to myself) by the local police Laurier, the Westmount RCMP responsible for terror, the security of Montreal, threats and humiliations by absolutely incompetent on hi-tech psychiatrists with communist background – Bulgarian and Chinese, two that by chance I was a witness of that humiliated me, one of them claiming that I am sensitive and that I will continue to refer and that I need pills and absolutely denied hi-tech criminals as non-existing and even the communists with the files when they are actually a present-day issue in Bulgaria and in Russia with new communist ideas, Dr. Todorov of Bulgarian origin like myself, and that’s why prescribed pills and the other – imagining that I hear voices, with absolute incompetence about the hi-tech crimes and the secret services technologies as well, even ready on half-an hour delusionary imaginary description to hospitalise at the McGill hospital when I actually went to prove the communists eventually by Doctors’ technology as I was advised by the a security metro agent for example. The communism is absolutely dangerous for any potential Eastern and Central democrat, if the communists with their delusions obtain any kind of power. They have committed a similar to an ex-colleague Sylvie Dufour from a local company, even threats by her psychologist to betray her to the police, local Montreal TV (two young girls that I think that were similar to a Just for laughs show) and inhuman pornography mafia network that was synthesizing toilettes of women and racketeering with them in an inhuman way with laser technologies. Bulgarians follow me in an inhuman way in Montreal, they followed me even to a flight to Cuba and in a Cuban resort, I think they struck on the electricity of hotel Tropicoco.

Montreal turns out to be completely incompetent or corrupted to death, the mafia is constantly simulating investigation and ridicule me as a victim non-stop everywhere in the coty wherever I go. The racketeering is inhuman and constant Bulgarian interpretation in it with wrong ideas and multiple racket to people that they are crazy. Mainly to women, muslim and Bulgarian probably. I saw two arab families after me, one of Mrs. Peyrow probably, the Iraqi owner of the previous apartment’s wife where I used to live in Montreal, on 5215 St. Hubert St, Montreal.

The local police Laurier which was many times referred to me when I called the 911 for help was actually absolutely uninformed and untrained on hi-tech criminal offences, and didn’t even understand the claim, only imagined that I may need a social worker, so they didn’t prove at all, RCMP didn’t prove at all although they are responsible to four years and didn’t provide any feedback. I had to refer to external jurisdiction for help – to Ottawa – the Federal Ombudman of victims of Crimes – Mrs. McCarren who advised me to call my mom and not to read the press too much in an absolute naivety. I have the right if I have inquired to a feedback from the investigation, like I did – I called RCMP for a feedback, I have the right to it according to the Canadian Human Rights Chart and they didn’t provide one. Anonymous Bulgarian mafia stages investigation to us and racketeer in an inhuman way and nobody proves them four years, some of them were even expressing the idea that it will never been proven, a traditional communist mafia easy money and that they should kill or disable me. They said “Disable her because she is not as beautiful as a Bulgarian model” and psychopatically racketeered me at my job in Canada and at McGill during two sessions and exams so I had to withdraw from two courses. The Bulgarian-Quebecois-Italian mafia terror in Montreal is so inhuman that they are for an official death penalty even or for very big penalties or for a war to the Bulgarian terrorists, alas of my country of origin, for an inhuman communist war against Canadians here, with inhuman anonymous humiliations – constant radio-terrorist.The racketeering expressions like “The crazy you ask too many questions”, “Slobo”, etc. constant threats with death to myself and my family, with naive incompetent Bulgarians, with constant interruprion of my brain with radio-technology, as if police technology, with illegal Bulgarian tv ridiculation here, I think of BTV or Nova televizia, with absolute ridicuation that we are stupid, with sounds terror like Bulgarian couples kisses, illegal insolent bullying interrogation by Iskra Angelova, a young Bulgarian tv journalist from Nova Televizia in Bulgaria during my job at my computer – Bulgaria and Montreal illegally hack my computer with illegal bullying hackership technology to the network of the city – a mobile racket – to mobile phones, to desktop computers, mostly to the head of me as a victim. I think that the French cultural centre in Sofia was also in with my-ex-Bulgarian French teachers in the channel who blocked my attention by tapping information in Montreal in the same laser criminal imaging system of Bulgaria that committed an obvious mafia offence at me exactly. This inhuman terrorism hacks secured by Norton-Antivirus computers with inhuman images, like children rapes by black men or toilet shit and bodies – inhuman images transmitted to the computer at home today and yesterday. They control such system remotely and by laser imaging technology, not necesserily in the network but in the public space around and is inhuman imaging criminal offence.

I informed recently even the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM Public Affairs (703) 428-4695, Bulgaria is absolutely for accusation in Canada, because they racketeer with communist corrupt ideology in an inhuman way and racketeer us through a radio-technology or who know what. They are constant radio-terror and explanation with that to my brain and to the brains of many other Bulgarians who are also targeted as human victims and well as many Canadians, Europeans etc. The present minister of the defence of Bulgaria is a radiologist, we don’t know what are the technologies employed by our politiks but they were inhuman corruption and incompetence affair to me here in Montreal and non-stop interrution of my brain and absolute human rights violations that interrupt my brain constantly with a radio-signal as if I am a mobile phone and they use that to ridicule with Bulgarian mafia, communist files etc, even arabs – absolutely inhuman organized mafia in ONE affair against myself, with insolent bad-upbringing attitude with it too. Mafia expressions like “Do u want to fuck?”, “Pay”, “You owe me”, “Revenge for Nadya Vassileva” or for “the strait-jacket of Trifonov” which was referring my own mental idea only of Trifonov deserving a madhouse for a memory when we worked together in SAP Bulgaria as translators. Such anonymous Technological Psychopathy came after me when I immigrated to Montreal and is still not proven. I think Italian and Bulgarian gypsies mafia was with them too as in an international mafia movie. I asked the Human Rights Commission in Montreal to explain the issue and I asked for indemnity but they declined, most probably they haven’t even coordinated with the intelligence. I addressed also the National Defence of Canada and the Government of Canada in an actual dispair of no prove, even Interpol, for the inhuman criminal event and got no answer at all. During all that time Bulgarians with deviations and bad intentions and insolence, I think from the Bulgarian TV humiliated me that I am disgusting, stupid, humiliating as a person, that’s why they won’t prove for me, mad, the same probably for Sylvie Dufour because she got slightly mad because of all that. The terrorism is pointing with mobile microphonie the victim and inhumanly starts to humiliate with amny at the same time. Turks mafia may be in the same crime. “Луда е” (“She is crazy” in Bulgarian language) many-many times and absolutely sadistically sang to the victims. In this signal many many people are illegally connected as if agents but some of them do not at all respect the civility and inhumanly humiliate with inhuman mental interpretation technology, with voiced mentality of another that racketeers (they pick up men and women in the society to commit a criminal offence by their own preference of the mafia or of snobbishness – it was mostly Bulgarian such but also arab with them.

Canada, instead of proving quickly the satellite terror when I called them first to RCMP for example, they only promised to refer the problem to an RCMP officer or an investigator but absolutely nobody called back at least several times like that – I left messages to them even a very detailed explanation of the crime and the mafia I saw after me. Which means that they are either corrupt or have absolutely disregarded my human rights as a victim when they have started to investigate. And then Montreal is not able to prove the inhuman dirty mafia network that is transmitted to us wireless and by hackership, unlike New York who usually proves everything very quickly. Ottawa have the right to access all the local network, but didn’t do anything in this case to prove the criminal offence against me. Bulgaria inhumanly interpretes at each 5 seconds the criminal offence, didn’t answer with any legal  feedback from teh Bulgarian court as they should have, when I wrote to them, even the Bulgarian Police (MVR) or the National Investigative Service didn’t answer at all. And for example, Bulgarians transmitted that they will accuse the prosecutor and that they are sorry, while a man ridiculed for her because “she is stupid” only an end-quarter police station (Bulgarian  for such type of criminal offence only in this case, their criminality is inhuman and the investigation ridiculed me with referral between multiple jurisdictions and actually didn’t prove anything four years, probably due to very bad coordination in their investigation.

Please, prove immediately the big blunder of both Bulgaria and Canada in case of terror, and why they were corrupt with it and permitted it. And please, ask Canada to block and deaffen all the terror and racketeering with a NATO shield or assign a telephone number for prove of terror, when the local police is not able to. I even asked the EU procedures for help as a victim of terror as a dual status citizen – EU and Canadian.


The federal court of Canada participated in the inhuman deal with the idea, like their answer to my claim to them say, Copyright, Tradesmark, Immigrantship Act, Income Act, while it’s actually Criminal Harrassment Act and Anti-Terrorism Act. I read for example that in British Colombia a Polish immigrant has been murdered by an RCMP officer. There is a claim by the victim, and nobody proves and the Bulgarian frequency to me personally is an inhuman terror and humiliation as to many other Bulgarians in fact who have complained of the same or secret brainwashing – Hristo Raynov in Toronto, Nevena Mantcheva in Manitoba, Slavena Stateva in Birmingam (one of the witnesses, probably a victim in the past in the US, while she studied there), also a harrasser by the SAP Bulgaria group which came after me to Montreal.

That article that I found as a competent explanation on the internet, is a similar evidence of microwave terror, already present in Germany, 150 trials and no prove.

German investors have big participation both in the Sofia media, I think of Standard newspaper, and at the Black Sea in Sunny Beach for example where many Bulgarian hotel owners are suspect for money-laundrey.

I am looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Best regards

Name and phone number omitted

The Lost series finale – The End aka. The Longest Con

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We’re not on an island, guess what, we never were. – Richard Alpert

OK so last night was the lost series finale, 6 years of crazy stuff all tied up into a little ball. Except, it’s not tied up at all. I’ve gone through a lot of forums, and everyone seems to be either confused and disappointed or confused and pleased. Most dont have a clue what it all meant.

In my opinion it was the longest con in television – the fans had it figured out in season 1, so they had to keep adding more crazy shiz, and finally it just blew up and the show jumped the shark (around season 4). Yeah they managed to tie some elements from the early storyline in with the ending, but that doesn’t mean it was pre-planned. Far from it.

Here’s my take. There are two possible interpretations at this point on the main question. Either everyone died in or before the crash or they lived through the crash. My conclusion is that they probably did die (although if it wasn’t for the last sequence one might equally well arrive at the opposite conclusion). The last three shots of the finale show an untouched wreckage, when we know that the Losties in the “fairytale” that was their pre-afterlife scavenged all they could from it, stripped wires, collected clothing and all that.It could also just be the producers saying “Hey, this is where we started, we’ve come all this way”, but I dont think so. The most probable in my mind, is that Locke died in the fall, Kate died in the fire, Charlie died of an overdose, and so on and so forth, and their means of getting their souls or whatever to the island was the plane.

The following is all based on the assumption that they died in the crash or in some way before it (result is the same).

What we know about the show:

  • It started out as a very interesting character study, with a lot of flashbacks to the characters’ lives. This makes perfect sense, they are on the island to redeem themselves, so we need to know what it is they are there to redeem themselves for.
  • As season 2-3-4 went on, it came to be more about random evil plots and twists about who was really good and who was really bad.
  • Then the writers got the word from the network, that they had a guaranteed and set timeframe to work with, and they started actually working towards some sort of cohesive storyline – this is really when the show died for me by the way, the mysterious stuff was all the fun, tied in with character backstories and the interpersonal relations. I, like everyone else, kept watching though to see how it would end.
  • Season 6 has been very little about anything that preceeded it. In fact, Season 1 and season 6 might almost have followed eachother with only a few episodes about jacob and smokey inserted in between. Season 6 is also by far the most preachy didactic christian mythology loaded piece of poop in the whole run of the show. But hey, at least Eko was a pretty cool preacher so it wasn’t all bad (even if he wasn’t in season 6 at all, greedy actors, pfft).

So what is the island, what’s real, what isn’t?

  • It was originally supposed to be a sort of purgatory or limbo, but when the fans figured that out in season 1, the writers had to say “no, no, that’s ridiculous, of course it’s not” – what else were they going to say? If they has said yes, that is in fact what it is, the show would have been cancelled then and there.
  • The losties all died in the real world when the plane crashed. They then came onto the island, which you cannot find nor leave, unless under very specific circumstances (like traveling with a dead person, sort of a piggyback thing). The island is a half-way house, limbo, purgatory, whatever you want to call it. Possibly the plane crash at the bottom of the ocean wasn’t staged but was the actual plane as it was manifested in the real world – the crash only happening on the island in “island world”.
  • The sideways world. This is either a sort of collective delusion that helps the losties come to terms with what happened – lets them find happiness before they cross over into “the light” (another barf-o-rific christian moment). The church was simply the gateway to the afterlife, and the stained glass windows indicate that it doesn’t matter which faith you are of – although with the pretty heavy use of christian symbolism, that seems more than a little sanctimonious.
  • The rules of the island aren’t really rules they’re more actual.. guidelines. To quote .. well you know. The whole not hurting your brother or the candidates thing was a little fuzzy at least. Also sometimes you have to chant to pass your guardian powers to someone else, sometimes you dont.
  • The guardian role means you can control life and death to a limited extent and you get to make some of the rules, but not all, and there is no messing with free will.

What we know about the characters and their resolutions:

  • Jacob. All the major characters lives were in disarray somehow, which is ostensibly why they were “taken” by Jacob. Jacob by the way was sort of the reaper, but with a conscience. If that makes sense. Call him Saint Peter if you want to, cos he was guarding the gate to heaven (or hell, or whatever it was).
  • Flocke aka. Smokey aka. Lucifer. It really is the (nauseating) story of the fallen angel. He wasn’t a very nice kid, and when he died because of it, he got rather angry. Smokey was the test that a lot of the losties had to face in this half-way house of souls that was the island.
  • Richard. For the longest time he was one of the most interesting characters. He has lost his will to live ironically from being granted eternal life (in limbo, so not such a great deal after all eh). When Jacob finally died, he started ageing again, regaining his will to live, driving home the writers point that eternal youth wouldn’t be all people expect it to be, but that all of lifes phases are worthwhile. Didactic I would say – cmon.
  • Jack was a controlfreak with a compulsive need to fix everything and everyone, except his own life. He was also a bit of a drama queen, but he can be forgiven, because who wouldn’t be after working that long on Party of 5. His resolution SHOULD have been letting go, and although there were small elements of that (such as him becoming the “man of faith”) the finale was really about Jack saving everyone. Again. He redeems his biggest flaw by going completely overboard doing that very thing? Lindecuse, you suck at writing. Oh yeah and the sobbing scene at the light, you didn’t have to cut to that over and over and over again. We got it. He ended up almost creepy instead that way. Why the light thingy teleported him out to the usual waterfall, just to he could walk about a bit in the bamboo before dying is beyond me too, but the dog was a nice touch I admit.
  • Hurley was a nice person, I liked him a lot, possibly the most of all the losties (with the obvious exception of Kate, but for slightly different reasons) – his flaw, though, was that he didn’t take responsiblity for his life. He was lazy, he was overeating, and bad things just seemed to happen around him. He blamed it on “the numbers”, which he thought were cursed. In the end, Hurley took responsiblity for the island, and this was his great redeeming moment. The numbers dont need to be explained really, because they werent real, they were Hurleys crutch. Oh and he sees dead people – funnily enough, so does everyone else. I’m sorry buddy, that Libby didn’t make it.
  • Kate. I’m not sure what to say here, but what I loved most about the writing for her was the line “Christian Shepherd.. seriously?”. At least the writers knew they were being retarded. Kates redemption was possibly something to do with her inability to be a part of normal family life? I dont know for sure, but her love for Jack and her helping Claire raise her baby may indicate as much.
  • Sawyer became the family man, a protector instead of a destroyer, and he let go of his rage – pretty straight forward.
  • Ben didn’t go with the losties in the end, because he hadn’t redeemed himself quite yet, although, being forgiven by Locke for killing him helped him some by his own admission. Being the prick that he was, I imagine it will take a lot more forgiveness.
  • The Kwons. They had lost their way, but found their love again on the island. That’s that, just about.
  • Sayid. Having a rather nasty past, redeemed by sacrificing himself in the end for the other losties. In the delusional sideways world also he turns out to be a pretty nice guy. Boring.
  • Mr. Eko. Also one of my favourite characters (badass preacher with a big stick, what’s not to like), he died when he had come to terms with his past, found God and repented (and gotten into trouble with the law in real life not to forget).
  • Michael shook his role as the deadbeat dad, but he never redeemed himself fully, in fact he turned out to be easily corruptible (killing is probably a nono), so he never got to go with the others to the light. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him a new smokie or something, after flocke died and the light was rekindled.

You can really just as well fill in the rest yourselves, everyone has baggage that is in some way cleared away on the island before they are ready to move on.

What was the Dharma initiative all about? Why would they choose to conduct psychological experiments on the island, that might as well be conducted anywhere else?

  • They were in my opinion a pretty interesting storyline, but not much was made of it in the end really – such a shame. Possibly just tied into the various characters’ redemption stories.

What was with the button?

  • Hard to say, one interpretation is that it was solely another of the Dharma experiments – or it could have actually had a real purpose. With the Dharma just being interesing stuff the writers threw in along the way, with no real role in the resolution, who knows. There is a certain element of testing the losties ability to work together and think for themselves all at once, so…

What was up with Desmond being at the centre of the whole thing, yet really serving little purpose? Why did Widmore even want to go to the island (that’s the one storyline that really makes very little sense any way you look at it, but I think it was mostly put in for filler in seasons 3-4-5 or so)? There are lots of other questions you could ask about things that just didn’t make much sense. Like how they got a huge plane off the ground when it had crashed in the middle of the jungle, damaged and with no / too little runway. Do all pilots have amazing-out-of-this-world jury rigging skills to just fix a plane like that? Why do we even need airplane mechanics then? Why would Dharma bring polar bears to an island like this? Anyway, I digress.

That’s it for now, I may add more as I think of it, but really, the series finale was so in your face about a lot of these things, that I don’t think I’ll be thinking about it for much longer – that’s really the greatest failure of the whole thing. I’m rather disappointed with the unoriginal and predictable ending they chose. I’m amazed you can have a career in television writing with so little talent.

If you disagree, and think that the island stuff all happened while the losties were actually alive, I think you’ll find that most of the answers are the same anyway. Only the story will be even more contrived.

Every major problem facing mankind solved in one fell swoop

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Lets take a look at some of the major problems facing mankind. To name but a few in no particular order:

  • Insufficient and unsustainable energy supply
  • Limited and dwindling fresh water supplies will cause unrest and potentially wars
  • Dwindling mineral supplies will limit current manufacturing methods and consequently goods supply
  • Insufficient and/or inefficient food supply
  • Overcrowding is already causing unrest and wars over territory
  • Some pseudo-scientific climate issues, that for the sake of this argument we’ll accept are real or at least that we are chopping a little too much rain forest probably.

More than enough to deal with, right.

What, pray tell could the solution be? Of all people, the Chinese probably have it right. Not the method, but the goal. The one child policy limits population growth, but I would suggest something slightly more radical yet of course also way more effective.

Lets keep the 10% smartest people and the 20% dumbest (even geniuses have to eat, after all), and eliminate everyone else. Heck, while we’re at it, refine the criteria a bit and bump off overconsumers (goodbye 400+ pounders), rich people (spread the wealth) and functional retards (welcome back, evolution, and a healthier gene pool) too. The worker bee would naturally have to be sterilized to prevent the current situation from recurring.

This would leave us with a little less than 3 billion people probably, of which almost three quarters will be fit to do productive things while a quarter will spend their time advancing civilization, and possibly bankrupting everyone with Ponzi schemes. Some interesting side effects would be that the US would probably mostly be available for recolonization and Fox News would cease to exist.

Lets see

  • Energy supply – fixed: a lot lower consumption means a lot lower energy requirements while the infrastructure in place now remains the same. A side effect will be a tremendously positive effect on the environment, since we can stop burning coal at any significant level, meaning air pollution would drop drastically.
  • Fresh water supplies – fixed: less demand, the earth can cope with about half of us sustainably.
  • Mineral supplies – fixed: greatly limited consumption will stretch supplies – ultimately recycling will be necessary, though, anyway.
  • Food supply – fixed: More farmland to feed fewer mouthes. Juicy steak for everyone. If you live in a desert – move. And if you can’t get beef, you could always start munching on the 3 million tonnes of fresh meat from the recent purge..
  • Overcrowding – fixed: Duh. Beachfront property for everyone. Oh and traffic wouldn’t be a nightmare anymore. You can be a genius from home, anyway.
  • Some pseudo-scientific climate issues – who knows, since the cause for any warming or cooling is still largely guesswork.

5½ out of 6 isn’t bad is it? I’ll eat someone you dont like, you’ll eat someone I dont like, what’s the downside, really??

OK, so we’ll have less able bodies to defend ourselves from an alien invasion. Anything else?

Are papers good for anything but nostalgia?

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Written publications have faced a general decline over the past decade or so. The culprit is ostensibly the readily available and free online substitutes of either media outlet websites or amateur bloggers. The latter in particular have taken over a great deal of the more specialized news scene, propagating rumours and being able to get information out that hasn’t necessarily been verified (yet), but still turns out to be valid more often than not. Bloggers also tend to provide more of a personal spin and original insight, than do the Reworders of Reuters Bulletins of the major media.

It occurs to me that it is in either creative or exhaustively researched writing that the published media, here used as an umbrella term for anything on paper, needs to be superior. These are after all paid professionals with vast resources available to them compared to the average blogger with a laptop and cheap hosting in some obscure corner of the web.

For this reason it annoys me to no end when poorly researched, poorly written and error ridden articles with not even a semblance of proofing appear daily in most major media outlets. Often this lack of talent and quality control can be tracked to the same journalists over and over, but for whatever reason they retain their positions. I really can’t even come up with a credible explanation why these consistent lapses happen, beyond the general inability in management to spot the difference between talent and tool.

Frankly, I look forward to a time when papers realize they need to provide an original quality product – something you cannot get anywhere else – in order to stay in business. Incessant regurgitation of the same news over and over in a slightly different and degraded form each time, is certainly not going to convince this reader to pay for the privilege. What is the actual service you pay for – paper to line the bottom of the birdcage?

Please, please do it well or don’t do it. I can read Reuters bulletins perfectly well myself, thank you very much.

Oh and I invite you to nitpick this entry all you like, but then again, I’m not the one trying to make a living doing this.

An idea I had last year

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I’ve been mulling this over for quite some time now, and I think it’s time to write it down.

When I found out I was going to be in Australia for a while, I got to thinking about some of the challenges facing the country.

Now, energy production in a cheap, sustainable and environmentally friendly way is a challenge that faces all countries. A challenge that is uniquely Australian (ok maybe not unique, but at least not all face it) is a fresh water shortage. Fresh water is used in agriculture here to such an extent as to deplete some natural waterways completely – there are many issues with fresh water supply, including a long lasting drought.

Combining these two issues, I got to thinking of thermal solar power. Australia is an extremely sunny and warm country – energy a’plenty. Why doesn’t Australia set up power plants that harness solar energy – to my knowledge these plants work by solar rays being focused on water tanks which then heat up. The hot water turns to steam that drives a turbine.

Here comes the interesting bit – why don’t you construct a plant that harnesses solar energy and converts it to electricity, and THEN condense the steam that drives the turbine and produce drinking water form it?? The byproduct would be mostly salt, which means you would get a trifecta of useful products here:

– Cheap electricity

– Fresh drinking water

– Industrial (or table possibly) salt

So, what’s stopping you? The solar tech exists. Fresh water production in this manner is a very old concept – and who doesn’t like salt?

Oh and no sense trying to patent the idea, since I’ve just made it public.

A crisis here, a crisis there, a crisis everywhere.

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Currently there is a “financial crisis” going on. It all started with a bunch of overzealous bankers pawning off bad loan derivatives on others – succesfully. The interesting part is that the media exacerbated things to such an extent as to lead to an actual recession.

If the matter had not been HUGELY publicized, consumer confidence would not have tanked, commercial orders would not have tanked, tax revenue would not tank, and jobs would not be plummeting. This is an extremely expensive lesson in the costs of having a global media network – if only the financial system was in trouble, and the issues were mitigated through a stimulus/security package, then that would have been that. But no, every media outlet has been positively battering the public with news of just how bad this is for month now – resulting in people believing it, stopping spending, and sending the economy from perceived difficulty to real problem really quickly.

I’m not saying stop reporting, but at least try to be fair and unbiased. It’s NOT a catastrophe, at least it wasn’t until you made it so. I blame YOU, mainstream media, for the next few years of hardship until the average consumer regains the confidence to go buy that next big screen tv.

In addition, the “crisis” word seems to get thrown around a lot. There are currently forest fires in California – as there is pretty much every year – but this year it’s a “crisis”, at least on the news on tv.

It’s a matter of cry wolf – when our alien overlords finally invade, noone will actually think twice when the media proclaims “interstellar immigration crisis”.

More on GM in trouble

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It appears that GM is finally in it’s last death throes. I’m not nearly as happy about this as I used to be. Not to be smug, however, I should point out that I predicted this over a year ago. Not that it was particularly difficult to predict, GMs products are some 10 to 30 years behind the times, and as soon as the home market realised, it was bound to go bust. Any bailout now, will only lead to bankrupty being postponed for however long the government money lasts. Competition at work, let’s face it, your product sucks, you should fold quietly.

Granted, GMs products are still more medieval than modern, frankly it’s a wonder they survived this long, but the reason my animosity has lessened is that Opel will be going down with GM because it is a subsidiary. This means german jobs lost and a worsening of the European economy. The German government is currently considering a bailout (yes, ANOTHER bailout, will it never end) for Opel but I don’t see how such a measure would benefit anyone but the American parent company.

The other issue here is the excessive use of bailouts. It’s ridiculous, heck I’d even go so far as to say it’s scandalous. Investors made good bank for many many years with these companies who posted consistent profits and sent them on to investors. Now that the proverbial fan has been soiled, noone wants to take responsiblity.

I say let them go bankrupt, let the investors find their shares to be worthless – that’s the way of a market economy. Bailing out big business and by extension the people who profited by virtue of partial ownership, is tantamount to leaving behind free market altogether. What we are approaching is rather a no-fault market. This means that if it goes well you get to pocket a wad of cash, and if it doesn’t – heck the government will cover you losses, meaning every Tom, Dick and Harry will be picking up YOUR tab.

Sometimes I wonder how share holders sleep at night. Then I wonder how CEOs sleep at night. Finally I fall asleep wondering how policy makers are allowing this to go on without getting assassinated yet. In the morning I am usually crudely reminded that it is allowed to go on, because the very people the flawed system benefit, are the ones that already have money. The rich get richer. It’s depressing really, but at least we know where from and why the armed revolution will come.

Disclaimer: I believe in a free market system with certain checks and balances – it’s just not what is in place, like it or not. What we have is government sponsored profiteering for the wealthy. In a certain sense, we haven’t moved an inch since nations used to sponsor pirates to prey on others in colonial times. The circumstances have changed, the tactics have not.


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OK this will be short and sweet, but I need to get something off my chest.

Winning a random ‘talent’ show on TV does not mean you are talented, nor does it make you a star or even mean you have any potential. You do not find great artists by dragging a big enough net and shoving your catch through a sieve.

By the very definition of these shows the winner must be assumed ‘talented’ or the shows are pointless, and what happens? Everyone raves about the winners for a month, then forgets all about them because they weren’t actually worth remembering.

This can’t be easy on the contestants who actually take it seriously – exploitation comes in all colors.

Carry on.

Fraggle Rock explains Global Warming theory!

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Let me set it up for you.

Travelling Matt is out exploring, and comes across a bunch of people waiting for a bus. These people all bring out their umbrellas, open them, and then it starts to rain. Matt interprets this as the umbrellas making it rain – wonderful things, these umbrellas, right?

The problem with the theory that CO2 is to blame for global warming is exactly the same. CO2 levels are a trailing indicator of warmer climate, not a precursor. Warming occurs, and some 20-40 (haven’t verified the exact number) years later CO2 levels show the corresponding concentration hike.  That means it cannot possibly be the cause, but rather the effect of warming. If it was cause the CO2 and temperature graphs would be displaced exactly the opposite way.

How are people not getting this?? Are you all muppets?? :p