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I’m on a roll .. so… Climate nuts

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Despite the title, this is actually not going to be a rip on the enviro-socio-political movement (as if those things are possible to separate these days) – but rather a rip on .. Bush. Who else.

Ok it’s really both, so lets get to it.

Right now climate “conscious” people, or environuts as I’d like to call them henceforth, are all but creaming their pants that Bush has agreed to try and reach a common treaty on CO2 emissions and such things. The main stipulations being that China and India must be part of it as well.

How does ANYONE not see that this is not about the environment at all, but about making sure that India and China do not grow in power relative to the US. The US wants restrictions on the industries in those countries, so that they can keep their role as industrial leader (if they indeed even still have that title at this point in time).

This is the same reason that the developed world insists that developing nations MUST use environmentally friendly (and very expensive) energy in their production lines .. simply because it’s not possible, so it will keep the potential competition from even going into the business at all. Protectionism at it’s worst.

If the US succesfully pulls this off, they will have gained a means of control over the (major) competing players. I’m sure they could care less about the greenhouse-pseudo-science, as long as the bucks keep rolling in .. or rather, rolling out at a lesser pace than is currently the case.

The added bonus of course being that the public hysteria has reached such a level, that simply agreeing to this from an election strategy standpoint makes a lot of sense now.

Do you think Bush cares about the environment? .. Really?

Now, do you also believe that God created the Earth?