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Blu-Ray content

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I wont go into a long tirade about how HDCP is incredibly user hostile, that has already been covered well enough elsewhere.

What I do want to rant about though is the titles available for this format.

Why are most of these releases older already-not-so-popular mainstream movies, that didn’t really make it big on DVD either? It just makes no sense to me. Like I’m going to by a borderline-poor movie just because it’s in a higher definition format (and more expensive)? Please.

The one thing I would have expected as a no brainer is TV series on a single disc. One thing that annoyed me about TV series on DVD is that you have to juggle 4-6 or even 8 discs to watch a season of a show.

Now that Blu-ray actually has the capacity to hold an entire season in DVD quality (yes yes, I know lower def, but I dont care if it’s DVD or HD at this point) I simply dont get why studios aren’t putting out entire seasons on ONE disc.

I’m not buying the DVD sets because they span too many discs. I’m not going to buy Blu-ray versions either if they span more discs. I’d rather have lower definition and ease of use, than high def and annoying packaging.

Please, get on it publishers!