Pathetisad people

I’ve decided that pathetisad is a word.

Here is it’s definition:

Pathetisad, descriptive of a person whose social interaction takes place only after alcohol intoxication. Even pathetisadder are those individuals who require ingesting powdered substances to have fun. Often accompanied by decadent, destructive or generally moronic behaviour, and extremely rarely associated with any sort of insight into anything. Can also be used to describe social circles or societies largely consisting of pathetisad people.

I’ve discovered that beautiful and/or privileged people seem to have a much higher chance of being pathetisad than other people, as it often coincides with the raw sewage personality that also permeates this class of people. Using ‘class’ in this context feels slightly strange.

As a general guideline

Chance of Pathetisadness = Wealthy parents * Beauty * [# of pathetisad friends] / (Intelligence * Hobbies)

You will not be missed – have fun OD’ing, sooner rather than later.

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