Fraggle Rock explains Global Warming theory!

Let me set it up for you.

Travelling Matt is out exploring, and comes across a bunch of people waiting for a bus. These people all bring out their umbrellas, open them, and then it starts to rain. Matt interprets this as the umbrellas making it rain – wonderful things, these umbrellas, right?

The problem with the theory that CO2 is to blame for global warming is exactly the same. CO2 levels are a trailing indicator of warmer climate, not a precursor. Warming occurs, and some 20-40 (haven’t verified the exact number) years later CO2 levels show the corresponding concentration hike.  That means it cannot possibly be the cause, but rather the effect of warming. If it was cause the CO2 and temperature graphs would be displaced exactly the opposite way.

How are people not getting this?? Are you all muppets?? :p

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