A crisis here, a crisis there, a crisis everywhere.

Currently there is a “financial crisis” going on. It all started with a bunch of overzealous bankers pawning off bad loan derivatives on others – succesfully. The interesting part is that the media exacerbated things to such an extent as to lead to an actual recession.

If the matter had not been HUGELY publicized, consumer confidence would not have tanked, commercial orders would not have tanked, tax revenue would not tank, and jobs would not be plummeting. This is an extremely expensive lesson in the costs of having a global media network – if only the financial system was in trouble, and the issues were mitigated through a stimulus/security package, then that would have been that. But no, every media outlet has been positively battering the public with news of just how bad this is for month now – resulting in people believing it, stopping spending, and sending the economy from perceived difficulty to real problem really quickly.

I’m not saying stop reporting, but at least try to be fair and unbiased. It’s NOT a catastrophe, at least it wasn’t until you made it so. I blame YOU, mainstream media, for the next few years of hardship until the average consumer regains the confidence to go buy that next big screen tv.

In addition, the “crisis” word seems to get thrown around a lot. There are currently forest fires in California – as there is pretty much every year – but this year it’s a “crisis”, at least on the news on tv.

It’s a matter of cry wolf – when our alien overlords finally invade, noone will actually think twice when the media proclaims “interstellar immigration crisis”.

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