Every major problem facing mankind solved in one fell swoop

Lets take a look at some of the major problems facing mankind. To name but a few in no particular order:

  • Insufficient and unsustainable energy supply
  • Limited and dwindling fresh water supplies will cause unrest and potentially wars
  • Dwindling mineral supplies will limit current manufacturing methods and consequently goods supply
  • Insufficient and/or inefficient food supply
  • Overcrowding is already causing unrest and wars over territory
  • Some pseudo-scientific climate issues, that for the sake of this argument we’ll accept are real or at least that we are chopping a little too much rain forest probably.

More than enough to deal with, right.

What, pray tell could the solution be? Of all people, the Chinese probably have it right. Not the method, but the goal. The one child policy limits population growth, but I would suggest something slightly more radical yet of course also way more effective.

Lets keep the 10% smartest people and the 20% dumbest (even geniuses have to eat, after all), and eliminate everyone else. Heck, while we’re at it, refine the criteria a bit and bump off overconsumers (goodbye 400+ pounders), rich people (spread the wealth) and functional retards (welcome back, evolution, and a healthier gene pool) too. The worker bee would naturally have to be sterilized to prevent the current situation from recurring.

This would leave us with a little less than 3 billion people probably, of which almost three quarters will be fit to do productive things while a quarter will spend their time advancing civilization, and possibly bankrupting everyone with Ponzi schemes. Some interesting side effects would be that the US would probably mostly be available for recolonization and Fox News would cease to exist.

Lets see

  • Energy supply – fixed: a lot lower consumption means a lot lower energy requirements while the infrastructure in place now remains the same. A side effect will be a tremendously positive effect on the environment, since we can stop burning coal at any significant level, meaning air pollution would drop drastically.
  • Fresh water supplies – fixed: less demand, the earth can cope with about half of us sustainably.
  • Mineral supplies – fixed: greatly limited consumption will stretch supplies – ultimately recycling will be necessary, though, anyway.
  • Food supply – fixed: More farmland to feed fewer mouthes. Juicy steak for everyone. If you live in a desert – move. And if you can’t get beef, you could always start munching on the 3 million tonnes of fresh meat from the recent purge..
  • Overcrowding – fixed: Duh. Beachfront property for everyone. Oh and traffic wouldn’t be a nightmare anymore. You can be a genius from home, anyway.
  • Some pseudo-scientific climate issues – who knows, since the cause for any warming or cooling is still largely guesswork.

5½ out of 6 isn’t bad is it? I’ll eat someone you dont like, you’ll eat someone I dont like, what’s the downside, really??

OK, so we’ll have less able bodies to defend ourselves from an alien invasion. Anything else?

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