The LOST Season 3 finale

OK, so it was pretty good. However I HATE when characters don’t act even even remotely like a person would in reality.

Charlie dies to “save” the other losties. But why for all that is good and holy didn’t he just close the door from the OUTSIDE and swim back out with Desmond? Or it looked like the porthole was large enough to at least try escape once pressure had normalized – we already knew they weren’t that far down since he was able to dive there unaided in the first place.

Even though Charlie ‘knew’ he was supposed to die, wouldn’t you try to live as long as you could, maybe you could make a difference again in some other way before biting the big one at least?

Cmon… I have no problem with them killing off a major character – but at least do it in a way that isn’t completely illogical.

That said, imo they should bring Eko back …

Maybe I’m being unreasonable, it’s not like Charlie has done anything else sensible for a while. Why did he yell and scream when he got into the underwater station in the first place? They were doing a “covert” op, and he yells out like an idiot? Maybe we’re better off without him.

Then there’s the flash forward thing

There is a huge continuity error in it if it’s supposed to be a flash forward. Jack refers to his father as being alive (when talking to the other doctor in the hospital), saying something like “You can go get my father, if he’s drunker than I am, then you can fire me”. Only Jack’s father died before the Oceanic 815 even crashed in the first place. So either it is a paralel universe kinda flash, or it’s a huge continuity error.

I’m betting the latter, but in that case it’s just embarrasing writing.

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