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OK, here’s an interesting one. I was going through my e-mail archives, and stumbled upon an email I once got from a bulgarian woman. She seemed perfectly normal to begin with, and we spoke on and off for a few years, until finally this sort of thing started going on. She sent me a copy of this letter she had sent to NATO .. there is no need for further introduction, it speaks for itself. In my defense, I contacted the local health service in Quebec (where she presumably lives, or at least where her voices told me she lives) long before posting this, but they didn’t seem particularly interested in doing anything at all.


301-5081 Berri St.
Montreal QC H2J 3Z7

22 April 2007

Dear Sir or Madam,

Subject: Inhuman Bulgarian & mafia Micro-wave/Radio terror in Canada (at each 5 seconds 4 years already)- Canada didn’t accuse nobody

I would like to ask for immediate consideration of a cruel inhuman radio/tv/microwave terror to my own person by Bulgarian mafia – Bulgarian models, their mafia friends, the medical academy of Sofia, Bulgaria (my country of origin), politics and journalists even, with an inhuman tap-and-play criminal offence to MY privacy and inhuman racketeering to myself with no prove whatsoever (or at least no feedback and constant insolent humiliating frequency to myself) by the local police Laurier, the Westmount RCMP responsible for terror, the security of Montreal, threats and humiliations by absolutely incompetent on hi-tech psychiatrists with communist background – Bulgarian and Chinese, two that by chance I was a witness of that humiliated me, one of them claiming that I am sensitive and that I will continue to refer and that I need pills and absolutely denied hi-tech criminals as non-existing and even the communists with the files when they are actually a present-day issue in Bulgaria and in Russia with new communist ideas, Dr. Todorov of Bulgarian origin like myself, and that’s why prescribed pills and the other – imagining that I hear voices, with absolute incompetence about the hi-tech crimes and the secret services technologies as well, even ready on half-an hour delusionary imaginary description to hospitalise at the McGill hospital when I actually went to prove the communists eventually by Doctors’ technology as I was advised by the a security metro agent for example. The communism is absolutely dangerous for any potential Eastern and Central democrat, if the communists with their delusions obtain any kind of power. They have committed a similar to an ex-colleague Sylvie Dufour from a local company, even threats by her psychologist to betray her to the police, local Montreal TV (two young girls that I think that were similar to a Just for laughs show) and inhuman pornography mafia network that was synthesizing toilettes of women and racketeering with them in an inhuman way with laser technologies. Bulgarians follow me in an inhuman way in Montreal, they followed me even to a flight to Cuba and in a Cuban resort, I think they struck on the electricity of hotel Tropicoco.

Montreal turns out to be completely incompetent or corrupted to death, the mafia is constantly simulating investigation and ridicule me as a victim non-stop everywhere in the coty wherever I go. The racketeering is inhuman and constant Bulgarian interpretation in it with wrong ideas and multiple racket to people that they are crazy. Mainly to women, muslim and Bulgarian probably. I saw two arab families after me, one of Mrs. Peyrow probably, the Iraqi owner of the previous apartment’s wife where I used to live in Montreal, on 5215 St. Hubert St, Montreal.

The local police Laurier which was many times referred to me when I called the 911 for help was actually absolutely uninformed and untrained on hi-tech criminal offences, and didn’t even understand the claim, only imagined that I may need a social worker, so they didn’t prove at all, RCMP didn’t prove at all although they are responsible to four years and didn’t provide any feedback. I had to refer to external jurisdiction for help – to Ottawa – the Federal Ombudman of victims of Crimes – Mrs. McCarren who advised me to call my mom and not to read the press too much in an absolute naivety. I have the right if I have inquired to a feedback from the investigation, like I did – I called RCMP for a feedback, I have the right to it according to the Canadian Human Rights Chart and they didn’t provide one. Anonymous Bulgarian mafia stages investigation to us and racketeer in an inhuman way and nobody proves them four years, some of them were even expressing the idea that it will never been proven, a traditional communist mafia easy money and that they should kill or disable me. They said “Disable her because she is not as beautiful as a Bulgarian model” and psychopatically racketeered me at my job in Canada and at McGill during two sessions and exams so I had to withdraw from two courses. The Bulgarian-Quebecois-Italian mafia terror in Montreal is so inhuman that they are for an official death penalty even or for very big penalties or for a war to the Bulgarian terrorists, alas of my country of origin, for an inhuman communist war against Canadians here, with inhuman anonymous humiliations – constant radio-terrorist.The racketeering expressions like “The crazy you ask too many questions”, “Slobo”, etc. constant threats with death to myself and my family, with naive incompetent Bulgarians, with constant interruprion of my brain with radio-technology, as if police technology, with illegal Bulgarian tv ridiculation here, I think of BTV or Nova televizia, with absolute ridicuation that we are stupid, with sounds terror like Bulgarian couples kisses, illegal insolent bullying interrogation by Iskra Angelova, a young Bulgarian tv journalist from Nova Televizia in Bulgaria during my job at my computer – Bulgaria and Montreal illegally hack my computer with illegal bullying hackership technology to the network of the city – a mobile racket – to mobile phones, to desktop computers, mostly to the head of me as a victim. I think that the French cultural centre in Sofia was also in with my-ex-Bulgarian French teachers in the channel who blocked my attention by tapping information in Montreal in the same laser criminal imaging system of Bulgaria that committed an obvious mafia offence at me exactly. This inhuman terrorism hacks secured by Norton-Antivirus computers with inhuman images, like children rapes by black men or toilet shit and bodies – inhuman images transmitted to the computer at home today and yesterday. They control such system remotely and by laser imaging technology, not necesserily in the network but in the public space around and is inhuman imaging criminal offence.

I informed recently even the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM Public Affairs (703) 428-4695, Bulgaria is absolutely for accusation in Canada, because they racketeer with communist corrupt ideology in an inhuman way and racketeer us through a radio-technology or who know what. They are constant radio-terror and explanation with that to my brain and to the brains of many other Bulgarians who are also targeted as human victims and well as many Canadians, Europeans etc. The present minister of the defence of Bulgaria is a radiologist, we don’t know what are the technologies employed by our politiks but they were inhuman corruption and incompetence affair to me here in Montreal and non-stop interrution of my brain and absolute human rights violations that interrupt my brain constantly with a radio-signal as if I am a mobile phone and they use that to ridicule with Bulgarian mafia, communist files etc, even arabs – absolutely inhuman organized mafia in ONE affair against myself, with insolent bad-upbringing attitude with it too. Mafia expressions like “Do u want to fuck?”, “Pay”, “You owe me”, “Revenge for Nadya Vassileva” or for “the strait-jacket of Trifonov” which was referring my own mental idea only of Trifonov deserving a madhouse for a memory when we worked together in SAP Bulgaria as translators. Such anonymous Technological Psychopathy came after me when I immigrated to Montreal and is still not proven. I think Italian and Bulgarian gypsies mafia was with them too as in an international mafia movie. I asked the Human Rights Commission in Montreal to explain the issue and I asked for indemnity but they declined, most probably they haven’t even coordinated with the intelligence. I addressed also the National Defence of Canada and the Government of Canada in an actual dispair of no prove, even Interpol, for the inhuman criminal event and got no answer at all. During all that time Bulgarians with deviations and bad intentions and insolence, I think from the Bulgarian TV humiliated me that I am disgusting, stupid, humiliating as a person, that’s why they won’t prove for me, mad, the same probably for Sylvie Dufour because she got slightly mad because of all that. The terrorism is pointing with mobile microphonie the victim and inhumanly starts to humiliate with amny at the same time. Turks mafia may be in the same crime. “Луда е” (“She is crazy” in Bulgarian language) many-many times and absolutely sadistically sang to the victims. In this signal many many people are illegally connected as if agents but some of them do not at all respect the civility and inhumanly humiliate with inhuman mental interpretation technology, with voiced mentality of another that racketeers (they pick up men and women in the society to commit a criminal offence by their own preference of the mafia or of snobbishness – it was mostly Bulgarian such but also arab with them.

Canada, instead of proving quickly the satellite terror when I called them first to RCMP for example, they only promised to refer the problem to an RCMP officer or an investigator but absolutely nobody called back at least several times like that – I left messages to them even a very detailed explanation of the crime and the mafia I saw after me. Which means that they are either corrupt or have absolutely disregarded my human rights as a victim when they have started to investigate. And then Montreal is not able to prove the inhuman dirty mafia network that is transmitted to us wireless and by hackership, unlike New York who usually proves everything very quickly. Ottawa have the right to access all the local network, but didn’t do anything in this case to prove the criminal offence against me. Bulgaria inhumanly interpretes at each 5 seconds the criminal offence, didn’t answer with any legal  feedback from teh Bulgarian court as they should have, when I wrote to them, even the Bulgarian Police (MVR) or the National Investigative Service didn’t answer at all. And for example, Bulgarians transmitted that they will accuse the prosecutor and that they are sorry, while a man ridiculed for her because “she is stupid” only an end-quarter police station (Bulgarian  for such type of criminal offence only in this case, their criminality is inhuman and the investigation ridiculed me with referral between multiple jurisdictions and actually didn’t prove anything four years, probably due to very bad coordination in their investigation.

Please, prove immediately the big blunder of both Bulgaria and Canada in case of terror, and why they were corrupt with it and permitted it. And please, ask Canada to block and deaffen all the terror and racketeering with a NATO shield or assign a telephone number for prove of terror, when the local police is not able to. I even asked the EU procedures for help as a victim of terror as a dual status citizen – EU and Canadian.


The federal court of Canada participated in the inhuman deal with the idea, like their answer to my claim to them say, Copyright, Tradesmark, Immigrantship Act, Income Act, while it’s actually Criminal Harrassment Act and Anti-Terrorism Act. I read for example that in British Colombia a Polish immigrant has been murdered by an RCMP officer. There is a claim by the victim, and nobody proves and the Bulgarian frequency to me personally is an inhuman terror and humiliation as to many other Bulgarians in fact who have complained of the same or secret brainwashing – Hristo Raynov in Toronto, Nevena Mantcheva in Manitoba, Slavena Stateva in Birmingam (one of the witnesses, probably a victim in the past in the US, while she studied there), also a harrasser by the SAP Bulgaria group which came after me to Montreal.

That article that I found as a competent explanation on the internet, is a similar evidence of microwave terror, already present in Germany, 150 trials and no prove.

German investors have big participation both in the Sofia media, I think of Standard newspaper, and at the Black Sea in Sunny Beach for example where many Bulgarian hotel owners are suspect for money-laundrey.

I am looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Best regards

Name and phone number omitted

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